The Grade 7 class at Dundas Central wrote to me about why they do not enjoy doing homework.  They offered a few suggestions that could potentially change this reality.

They wondered why homework never included outdoor physical activity in light of the fact that physical health and well-being are so important.  They requested that they could solve real life problems when doing their homework.  They dreamed about doing homework collaboratively, something that might become easier to do as we effectively integrate technology into the learning process.  They wondered about music and art, two subjects that are seldom assigned for homework.

One student suggested that instead of assigning homework in those areas where students struggle to learn and comprehend, leave this to school time; rather, assign work in an area where students are most passionate and interested so that they can deepen their skills in this area.

A common response was “why are our interests not regarded when the teacher is assigning homework, and why does most homework have to include writing?” I would certainly acknowledge that writing is important, but these students do have a point if most of our homework does include writing.  How is this challenging a student... Read More

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Have a great summer!

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We are celebrating Education Week and recognizing Mental Health Week in HWDSB. This week gives us the opportunity to reflect upon what is most important as we provide engaging learning opportunities for our students.

There is so much to celebrate in HWDSB. I visit schools regularly, and I see many examples of our students learning and thriving in classrooms with caring staff who know our students and respond to our students effectively. I experience students working collaboratively with one another, reaching new heights, thinking deeply about new ideas, being creative and inventive, and really learning. Students tell me what they love about school. They tell me about their teachers who care about them. They tell me about their friends who they look forward to seeing each day. They get excited when they succeed at new learning tasks. They are proud to share their work, and they are very willing to communicate what they want to learn and why.

We have been focusing on student voice in HWDSB. “Student Voice” is sometimes an overused term and I worry that it may not change the way we support our students unless we really respond to what our students are telling us. We... Read More